We go above and beyond industry standards to ensure the safety and well being of all project stakeholders.


“Health and safety is embedded in our core values and is an integral part of each project we undertake. The safety of every member of the ASCO team is critical and we will not accept anything less than a safe working environment.”

– Anthony Assaly, President

ASCO Construction is a national leader in facilitating safe working conditions on each of our job sites. Safety is part of our work culture and a core value. We take pride in ensuring the well being of our ASCO family. As part of our commitment to the health and safety of our staff, we adhere to a strict health and safety program that aims to protect not only our employees but also subcontractors, owner-supplied contractors, the general public, clients, and site property from unsafe conditions.

At ASCO, we believe that all accidents are preventable. By encouraging active employee engagement and good management practices, we aim to ensure that we hold one another accountable for the occupational health and safety of all of our job sites.

ASCO’s Internal Responsibility System aligns the interest and responsibilities of ASCO’s and Subcontractor Management with those of workers, customers, consultants and visitors to our premises who must abide local government Occupational Health and Safety and Environmental Regulations.

ASCO’s H&S Program provides stringent policies, job specific safe work practices and procedures, equipment operating and maintenance procedures, safety guidelines, and relevant safety training that focus Management, Employee and Subcontractor awareness on eliminating or reducing the risk of accidents and/or incidents in all activities.

ASCO is committed to achieving safety excellence through industry recognized programs such as COR ™.

*ASCO Construction (Toronto) Ltd is COR Certified

**ASCO Construction Ltd is COR Registered