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Social Responsibility

ASCO makes the communities where we operate a better place to work, live, and play. As leaders in these communities, ASCO consistently considers how our decisions impact our workers, customers, community, and the environment. ASCO is committed to:

  • Protecting our environment by adopting processes that reduce our environmental footprint and increase sustainability. Participating in LEED construction projects is a good example;
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  • Favouring Diversity and Inclusiveness in our labor practices;
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  • Paying it forward and making a positive difference in the community in which we operate with charitable donations and by supporting volunteer efforts.
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    ASCO makes a difference in the communities we operate in. We continue to pay it forward with charitable donations to local hospitals, recreational sports teams, and non-profit organizations. Senior management has personally donated their time and money by participating in fundraising for a local hospital and also helped a primary school build a playground. Every year, ASCO supports post-secondary graduates by donating bursaries to local schools.

    ASCO’s social committee is comprised of employees at all levels of the Company and is responsible for receiving and reviewing donation requests and managing ASCO’s yearly donation budget. Whether for in-kind or monetary considerations, each request is carefully reviewed against a set of criteria meeting ASCO’s core values and social responsibility objectives.

    LEED Projects

    ASCO is proud to have a growing portfolio of LEED Projects. Some of these projects include :