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    Orica Canada

    Client:  Orica Canada, Brownsburg-Chatham, Québec
    Consultant:  Turcotte Pilon Architects
    Value :  $3,500,000
    Completed:  September 2007

    This new project involved the construction of a manufacturing plant for commercial explosives, and  was carried-out in construction management mode.

    This new 42,000 square foot building includes an administration area, a storage section for raw materials, the production facility and a storage section for finished products.

    The design of this highly specialized and automated plant required, on behalf of the professionals, a very particular attention in order to conform to all the requirements of the Owner: 

    Precise temperature and humidity control,  grounding of building and all production equipment, construction of bunkers and explosion resistant walls, security and alarm system, and computerised controls of all systems. 

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    Fairview Fittings

    Client:  Fairview Fitting
    Consultant:  Martin, Morris et Marcotte, Architects
    Value:  $1,800,000 
    Completed:  November 2005

    Fairview Fitting, a subsidiary of Sandnickel Industries Ltd., is a distributor of all types of industrial fittings and hoses for pneumatic, propane, hydraulic or plumbing usage.  

    This new building with a total surface of 24,000 square feet includes an office area, a service area and a warehouse.

    ASCO Construction completed this turn key project utilizing the “Fast Track Method” of construction.

    Since this project was built in the fall, a pre-engineered building system was incorporated in the project to accelerate the construction and ensure the customer a better quality of the finished product, thus minimizing the weather constraints and reducing overall construction duration.

    This distribution center was built in respect of a very tight schedule and strict budget established by the customer.

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    Fastenal Building

    Client :  PERC Ventures (Canada) Inc.  
    Consultant :  JL Richards & Associates
    Value :  $2,000,000
    Completed: May 2005


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