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    The Grand Theatre - Kingston

    Client:  City of Kingston
    Consultants:  Shoalts and Zaback Architects & Diamond Schmidt Architects
    Value:  $12,400,000
    Completed:  2008 


    The Grand Theatre is Kingston’s civil arts center and the prime performing arts theatre in the region.  It provides an important venue for professional and amateur performances, and features ballet, modern dance, drama, comedy classical and contemporary music concerts.


    ASCO was successful with both the tendered phases of construction which included the initial demolition phase intended to precede extensive renovations throughout this heritage building. 

    Combined with the second phase of construction, this $12.4 million renovation includes major structural and masonry renovations, new stage and theatrical equipment and seating, and a complete renovation to the quality and performance highest standards of facilities of this nature. 

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    Acklands-Grainger Building

    Client:  Controlex
    Consultant:  Robert Taylor Architects 
    Value:  $2,580,000 
    Completed:  May 2006

    ASCO successfully completed this $2.58 million, 20,300 square foot retail building for tenant Acklands-Grainger on a cost plus to a guaranteed maximum price basis for Controlex, the building Owner.  The project was initially budgeted for the Owner and then work tendered on a construction management basis.  This is the first building to be constructed in the Hawthorne Commercial Center.

    Construction commenced in September of 2005 and extended through the winter period for completion in February of 2006 with asphalt completion in the spring. 

    The building was fast tracked using a Murox Building Panel System that was pre-ordered prior to the commencement of construction and which arrived for installation as foundations were completed to receive it. 

    It is estimated that this resulted in a 6 week reduction of overall schedule duration. 

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    Hawkesbury Hyundai

    Client:  Hawkesbury Hyundai
    Consultant :  Séguin Racine and Associates
    Value:  $675,000
    Completed:  April 2007



    This car dealer established since the year 2000 undertook important modifications to the existing installations in 2006-2007. Expansion of the showroom and sales area, modernization of the services areas, parts department and administration, a major investment to improve customer services. 

    The work was done while making sure that the daily operations were not interrupted. The collaboration between the owner and contractor allowed the planning of the work so that everything was made to minimize the inconveniences for the customers and the employees who had to continue to operate during the construction period.

    This Hyundai car dealer was renovated according to the manufacturer requirements and in accordance with all new specifications of the Hyundai Public Image.  

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    Telus Fit-Up (Sunlife Building)

    Client:  Telus Contact Center 
    Consultant:  Morrison Hershfield Architect
    Value:  $2,900,000
    Completed:  February 2004

    Asco completed this 33,000 sq. ft. fit up for Telus’s new Montreal Contact Center. The project involved demolition of the initial space and a complete refit up of the space on the 17th floor of the Sunlife Building in Montreal. The interior designers creative ideas came together with unique panelized ceilings and millwork features and a variety of other features such as a high tech cafeteria and games room.

    The project was completed against a tight project schedule for occupancy despite the site changes made necessary to adapt aspects of the design to the space.  It was phased to permit early occupancy and the set up of furnishings in a sequenced manner to fast track completion permitting the call center to open on schedule.

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    Top Mode Depot Retail Store

    Client:  Top Mode
    Consultant:  Séguin Racine & Associates
    Value:  $1,997,000
    Completed:  August 2007 

    Designed by Architects Seguin Racine & Associates in conjunction with Engineering Firm Levac Robichaud Leclerc, this new 20,000 square foot retail center was constructed as a lump-sum contract in Rockland as Top Modes first retail outlet in Ontario, part of Top Mode’s expansion program from Quebec.

    The building project and schedule was challenged at the outset with unanticipated rock excavation. ASCO attended to the Owner’s needs given the revised schedule, with early occupancy before substantial completion, to permit the Owners fit-up requirements to open the store successfully in September for school sales. 

    This project complements other retail centers ASCO constructed for clients such as Canadian Tire, Home Hardware, Acklands Grainger, and Jean Coutu Pharmacies.

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    Kingston Toyota

    Client:  Gateway Toyota - Kingston, Ontario
    Consultant:  A. Cromarty Architects
    Value:  $3,700,000
    Completed:  January 2006



    This new automobile dealership involved the construction of 26,000 square feet of new space and the surrounding site development work.

    With a state of the art design, this facility accommodates a eight-car showroom, eight mechanics bay, two wash bays, one service drive-thru, one rust proofing bay as well as administrative offices resting on structural steel mezzanine.

    This Toyota dealership has been constructed based on strict guidelines and meeting all new standards under the Toyota Corporate Image Program. 

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    Tim Hortons

    Client:  Tim Hortons
    Value:  $450 000
    Completed:  1995

    This 3,000 sq ft Tim Hortons restaurant was constructed by ASCO Construction in 1995.

    The project involved the construction of a new building and related siteworks. 

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    Jean Coutu Pharmacy

    Client: Groupe Jean Coutu (PJC) Inc.
    Consultant: Tremblay L'Écuyer Architects
    Value: $545,000
    Completed: 2003

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